October 07, 2015
The Grimsmo Rask Pre-Order
This is a limited PRE-ORDER for our brand new model.  By buying the knife now you can claim your spot in line and are guaranteed a knife once we finish making this batch.  We have already released the Rask to our private newsletter, but now it is time to release it publicly while there are still spots left.  We brought the prototype to Blade Show 2015 and the response was phenomenal!  "It's so light!" was the most common thing people noticed.  Just like a Norseman, it flips awesome, is smooth as butter, comes razor sharp, and disappears in your pocket. 

October Update!  We've moved to a new shop, completely renovated it, got some amazing new equipment, and have been buying materials left and right.  We are well underway making the production prototypes and getting everything dialed in so that they are all perfect.  With any luck, the first few orders will start shipping in November. 

PRE ORDER - $675 USD shipped. 
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8.1" Overall length
3.4" Blade
RWL34 steel 60-62rc (Damasteel optional)
3 oz total weight
3D machined 6AL4V titanium handles and clip
Ceramic Grimsmo bearings standard
LBS overtravel
*Titanium screws (undecided, but likely to be standard)
Worldwide shipping included!

For all of you die hard Norseman fans, don't worry we will continue to make the Norseman!  Once we get the new shop set up we'll take a Norseman break for a few months and focus on Rasks, then we will bring them back with a vengeance. 

Thank you all so much for your dedication, without you products like these would never be created. 
- John and Erik Grimsmo

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 Be sure to check out our Rask promotional vid!!



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Pre Order a Rask

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$675 USD
Handles and clip colors

Standard colors are free, see below.  We can also do a wicked black DLC coating, use Timascus (limited supply!) or Damasteel.  Fancy stuff might take longer, so be patient.

Handles and clip
Blade Finishes

Stonewashed is standard, but we've got some other awesome options for you guys too. 

Blade finishes